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Are you tired of losing your hard earned money to SCAMS online? Do you want to secure your Investments? Do you want personal advice on what to invest on? When to Invest and When not to?

Well, I want to give you access to what I and My team has been doing  for the past 6 years now and have earned unbelievably ROI.

NOTE:   By Joining the club you're simply open to all our secret strategies and Investments ranging from trading on exchanges down to Cloud mining, Lending, HODL recommendations e.t.c. and not limited to SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS alone.

Lemme tell you a little about myself

I'm Asingba samuel, A Pro blogger, An Investor, Entrepreneur and A Crypto Enthusiasts; I've been on the system for years now, Started Just like you did about 6 years ago with no real orientation, lost a lot of money. As at then about USD800+  Which is currently worth over $50,000 worth of BTC aside other cash amounts. For a 17 years old Kid in this part of the world this was a whole lot of money and a big deal.

During the 2015 Ponzi rush, I borrowed some funds amounting to about USD600 and got in again, Then I lost all those too.

But between all these events I was picking new things and I was seeing what I was doing wrongly. Then in December 2015 I met an American, Through a bitcoin Facebook group chat who offered me a class and taught me about Cryptocurrencies Fully.

It wasn't still making sense to me because I've lost a lot already, NOT until January 2016 when a South African Lady who has made over USD500,000 as at then from SHORT TERM AND REVENUE SHARE INVESTMENTS  came to Nigeria for a seminar and thank God I was opportune enough to participate.

I learnt a lot, Set up a  team and we went from wins to losses, re-modified our strategies, LEARNT from mistakes and got better each time.

As a  blogger in 2017 I decided to use my experience in blogging to open up our team and opportunities so that everyone can benefit from all our secret strategies, although I've been blogging about several topics nothing has ever interested me like the Cryptos.

So what's all these for?

I'm presenting to you a once in a lifetime opportunity to compensate all your losses online and get back on track, an opportunity to win ALL THE TIME.

After several losses we gathered  a lot of expertise from professionals and most Importantly from our experiences and losses.

I can categorically tell you that I don't remember when I lost last to a SCAM and the same is the testimonies of our team members, With over 300 current members on the team, We can't be wrong plus we'll also teach you money management strategies to ensure 0% losses.

Our features and Benefits of Joining Us.

1. EARLY INFORMATION: SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS may crash at it's later days only except if it purely intended for scam, Get to know about new, paying programs first.  we take all the risks for you to give you only the genuine programs with deposit insurance.

2. WHAT TO DO: Get Personal advice (Not Financial advice) on when to join and how much to invest From Your Portfolio.

3. AVOIDING LOSSES: Get Information or notifications On When to quit or Exit Strategy.

4. INSURANCE/SECURITY: We Also try to get High Yield Investment Companies to give us a stipulated amount as insurance  on invested funds which covers for unforeseen risks. (up to 50%, not below 10% of investors capital).

5. TUTORIALS & WEBINARS: We also send out tutorials to train  you plus online webinars, Video lectures e.t.c. to boost your knowledge.

6. OTHER PRIVILEGES: Instead of just SHORT TERM INVESTMENTS, you also get free All round Crypto recommendations, Trade Signals, And other INVESTMENTS plus more and more added benefits for free.

By Joining the club you're simply open to all our secret strategies and Investments.


Monthly  - $10
Annually - $100 (Recommended)

Our Membership Usually Goes For 25$ monthly up to $200 Annually; This opportunity will be open for now, then it'll return to it's original price so don't miss this opportunity to join the best and fastest growing Cryptocurrency investors club.


Simple enough, all you need is an Email, We respect your privacy but it's advised you provide a mobile number and full credentials including social media information for easy followup and ease of access.


  • Contact us via email indicating interest: 
  • An admin will attend to you and provide you with further information 
  • Deposit 10$ or 100$ worth of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to the payment information provided by the admin.

After payment, Copy your Transaction Link or Hash ID for Bitcoin Transactions  or Etherscan Transaction link for Ethereum Transactions and email us again at:

- Your full name
- Transaction Link/hash ID
- Mobile number (preferably a Whatsapp or telegram number)

Once you send this, In less than 20 minutes you'll get an email from us and start enjoying the benefits... You'll be added on all our Whatsapp and Telegram groups, Also don't worry we value you privacy and trust in us.

Best Regards
Asingba Samuel, CEO of BitInvestors Club.