Review: is Scam or LEGIT? PAYING - Earn 1.25% Daily With No Risk


Hello, BitInvestor... It's been a while we did a full Review for any potential HYIP that'll make bank for our investors, So today lets Review IncomeB

This will be our official review for IncomeB, although we have no personal information about company operations or  met the CEO in person but we got so interesting information and Had a video conference with the Team.
Quickly grab a cup of coffee let's run through this as fast as possible.

Today We'll be running a detailed review on IncomeB ( an investment opportunity that pays investors 1.25% Daily. In this review we'll ascertain if IncomeB is a scam or legit website to earn passive Earning, is it PAYING  or not paying, risky  or safe.


IncomeB  is said to be a HYIP program - a HYIP or high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment that promises  high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. - wikipedia.

But IncomeB has a real business model which is Pharmaceutical related

Information from the company's website reads;
We are an R&D Based Bio-Pharma start-up.
Our primary work is to provide R&D support to big-Pharma companies. We generate our revenue by working new drugs through initial phases, sometimes to pre-clinical stages and sell them to Big Pharma companies.
IncomeB is a company providing its services in all over the world via their website.

We are working on finding new approaches to combat Antimicrobial Resistance(AMR) using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.
AMR poses the greatest threat to humankind today killing more than 7,000,000 people every year and the numbers are increasing fast.

Exploiting features like Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big data in our research has many promising uses from primary screening of medicinal compounds to the prediction of success rate of a new drug. AI and Big data play a huge role in reducing the whole R&D cycle time, improve accuracy and decrease overall operational costs.
Our company is also one the members of the prestigious AMR Industry alliance which is the largest private sector alliance formed in 2016 to fight Antimicrobial Resistance.

STATUS: This Company Is PAYING


What Is IncomeB?

We are an R&D Based Bio-Pharma start-up. Our idea is to create a reliable and sustainable secondary income program for investors. Which also supplements our research funding.
We understood how this place works, so we designed our plan according to the rules of this place. But we are not offering moon and mars here, we can only offer steady and sustainable returns.

The plan is Plain & Simple

Anyone can join the project with a minimum investment of 50 USD and get a daily return of 1.25% for a period of 365 days. Also they get our smart token for free moving forward.

Future Plans Of IncomeB and Smart Tokens

We have grand plans for this project, in the second half of the year 2020 we are planning to launch our own Ethereum powered smart token along with other big announcements. The tentative token price would be at 0.0025 USD.


By making use of an Ethereum-powered smart token, several benefits and advantages come with it. 

First, there is no centralization of the digital currency, unlike conventional fiat currency. Also, by making use of a token powered by Ethereum, all stakeholders can make use of what is known as a smart contract, a type of transaction in which everyone can observe and follow all activities involved in the deal.

Another major advantage of this kind of currency is security. Because the currency is digital and electronic, it is very secure to use and cannot be compromised,unlike other regular fiat currencies. The security that comes with the smart token is one of its best selling points – and for obvious reasons.

IncomeB prides itself as a unique and one of the most stable investment companies and also brags of being different from several other fraudulent schemes out there, Several factors differentiates capwardbull from scam websites;
  • We pay customers: You will receive excellent long-term earnings of 1.25% daily on your balance.
  • Real Time Business Model: Real business model, no gimmicks, no stories, No scams
  • High reliability:  They provide a high degree of protection for your funds.
  • Ongoing support: They have round the clock support, you can always get answers to your questions.
  • Many Payment Method: All available payment methods at the moment you can see in your account, there are no other payment methods. 
  • DDOS Protection:  They are using one of most experienced , professional and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.
  • COMODO Essential-SSL Security: IncomeB  website using Comodo Extended Validation SSL encryption and that confirms that the presented content is the genuine and legitimate.


IncomeB offers one Investment plan no matter the size of your deposit,

💰 ROI: 1.25% Daily
🕧 Accruals Everyday Including weekends
💲 Minimum Investment: $50
🤝 Minimum Withdrawal: $1


In other to keep company running IncomeB recognizes the importance of promoters and advertisers who develop the company.

There's a generous 10% bonus of your referrals deposit for every referral who invests under you.

You can promote and advertise IncomeB on blogs, websites, social networks, locally in newspapers, to your friends and clients e.t.c. 😁


We'll give IncomeB 4.5 over 5 stars in ratings for Great Administration, Business  development and idea, PAYING  Investors and smart support e.t.c.

IncomeB Detailed Video Review

We advice you Join IncomeB Below;