Highmining Review: is highmining.uk SCAM or LEGIT? Mine Bitcoins, Get hourly payouts with no risk


Hello BitInvestors, Good day, Today we'll be reviewing one of the newest and most innovative Bitcoin Cloud Mining Companies out there and that is High Mining (highmining.uk).

Aside reviewing to ascertain if the Investment is LEGIT or not, we'll also talk about it's profitability because for sometime now we've heard several gurus tell investors it's not profitable to invest in cloud mining and this scares away investors most times, so it's profitability is vital, afterall we do business to make profit right?

Goodnews is, We've got a special promo for you and you'll get 1000GHS of mining power which is priced at over $20 for Completely Free, But you'll make a little investment to enjoy this anyway.

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Company Overview

Highmining.uk is owned by HIGH MINING LTD, High Mining is a cloud mining provider that mines Bitcoin. High Mining cloud mining services  started in late 2019 and has been in operation since then, it's new and full of potentials.
High Mining Company − which has been registered under the registration code of 12153851 − is an officially registered company in the UK. Its registration details, including its shareholders, its postal address, and the details of its managing director, can be easily accessed and retrieved from Company House, which is the United Kingdom’s state registrar of companies.

Cloud Mining is the process of bitcoin or altcoins mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. (This type of cloud mining enables users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing the hardware).

High Mining is an easy way to purchase hashpower without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. High Mining LTD. buys and manages these mining rigs or hardware that can be rented.


High Mining uses the normal mining profitability as legit companies do based on the mining difficulty, price e.t.c. It's not a ponzi scheme that promises to pay you a fixed amount that it cannot keep it with in the nearest future.

However from experience, High Mining pays out an average of 10% or up to 15% monthly with no risk.... Well it's important to note that all mining contracts with High Mining are for  1 year or 2 years.

So let's say I put in $10,000 and Earns Up to 15% which is $1,500 monthly for 1 year, which will give you up to $18,000 in  365 days if all things stay equal. That's a whopping $8,000 in pure profits or should I simply say 80% in pure profits annually.

That's a good investment; Up to 80% returns on cloud mining is rare to get annually. Plus this will earn you even more with bonuses, free hash power, Bitcoin price increase and difficulty decrease and lots more.

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High Mining has an office in Birmingham and is currently establishing more (representative offices);

181-187 Moseley Street Digbeth Birmingham B12 0RT

Phone: (+44) 7482 043 333
Email: info@highmining.uk

Although we haven't personally visited their office to inspect their operations.

Mining Farms

High Mining seems to be investing with several cloud Mining farms around the world with their data centers located mostly at Iceland.

However the company for security reasons refused to disclose the exact location of their mining farm or farms.

Mine Cryptocurrencies

High Mining originally mines the most profitable altcoins then covert to Bitcoin and pay you in Bitcoins... They're likely mining the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Bitcoin cash E.T.C;

According to their website;
We mine the most profitable altcoins,  We trade altcoins for Bitcoin,  You get income to your wallet.

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Affordable Pricing

High Mining doesn't break your bank or wreck your pocket to get started, With little funds you can Start a mining contract that pays you daily for an entire 1 or 2 years.

With just Currently $20 you can start a Bitcoin mining contract that'll last an entire year.

All contracts runs for a year or 2 and are profitable having an Annual ROI of up to 180% or more.

Reliable Customer support

High Mining has a good and responsive customer support which works tirelessly to ensure all questions are answered, The admim of high Mining also replies mails and manages the livechat to make things better.

Affiliate program

High Mining has a very powerful referral program that can make serious affiliates some good profits. As an affiliate for high Mining You will get 15% daily profits from the daily returns of your referral.

You can simple increase Your income and give Your friends opportunity to earn money. Your friends don't lose 15%, only You get 15%!

Just tell them about this opportunity and earn some extra money for yourself....

Imagine your referral buying 100,000GHS mining power which costs only $2,000 and probably earns around 8$ Daily; you as a affiliate gets a massive 15% of the 8$ daily profits of your referral for 1 year.
That's over $1 daily for a year by just referring one good friend... Imagine referring 100.

Bonuses and Bounty

High Mining offers a 1000GHS first deposit bonus and a 10% discount code on all contracts is also currently available.

Once you invest anyway and good news; if you're investing above $1000 then contact us to get instant 5% Cash back.

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How To Register

Although things are pretty new but it's very easy to navigate. Once you open our link, you can easily register by opening the menu bar on the top right side of the website, then click the 'Register' button on the menu to register.

Or By Clicking the "Start Mining Now" button at the homepage of the High Mining website.

Registration takes just a minute and Does not require verification documents and other personal details.


We'll give high Mining 4.5 out of 5 stars and that's because of their services and payment proofs we've gotten in a short period.

Aside that everything by this company is LEGIT so we'll advise you to do your own due diligence, Register and Invest a token to start enjoying high Mining's cloud mining services.

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need To Use high Mining.

  1. High Mining is a registered cloud mining company whose registration number is 12153851.
  2. It has been insured by one of the world’s largest insurance companies.
  3. It provides investors to check their returns online and instantly.
  4. It allows daily return withdrawals.
  5. It provides the possibility of customers’ online contact with the personnel of the customer service sector.
  6. It utilizes creative methods in increasing returns on investments.

You cannot get another company to do better.
Join High Mining now and get your 1000GHS for free and do not forget "If you're investing up to $1000 or more kindly write to us or drop a comment so we can send 5% instant Cash back to you.

Insurance is also be made available for club members. - You can join club HERE

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High Mining Video Review and payment proof.