20 Best altcoins to Hodl for long-term


Today on Bitinvestors Club we'll like to show you how to make money investing on altcoins, we'll show some important long-term investments from our predictions and also instantly profitable coins to buy that might potentially earn you money.

Firstly, lets take things slowly! we'll answer questions that are important gradually, so lets know whats an altcoin.

Whats an ALTCOIN?

An ALTCOIN is any cryptocurrency apart from the bitcoin, They're known as bitcoin alternative (alternate cryptocurrencies). These coins are termed so because they were created after the bitcoin.

All Altcoins  project themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin. The success of Bitcoin as the first peer-to-peer digital currency paved the way for many to follow. Many altcoins are trying to target any perceived limitations that Bitcoin has and come up with newer versions with competitive advantages. There is a great variety of altcoins.

In this article we want to reveal the 20 best altcoins to buy as long-term or short-term forms of investing.

Look at litcoin for example, it was trading at $4 3 years ago, today it's at 120$+, Ethereum was $10 3 years ago, now its 270$+.

Now, I'll be doing something unusual here; In crypto you can hold crypto for long-term hoping it's price will appreciate and it's called HODLING.... this is pretty much similar to what we see on "STOCKS".
Aside that other coins has lending programs and some others uses PoS mining  (Proof of stake) which can earn investors some good funds as your lending your coins to the crypto network... this is not too similar but can be related with "BONDS" in real life.
Which is why I've decided to use both terms on this article.

So lemme expalin stocks and bonds in this context:

BONDS: Form of investment where you get paid for lending capital as investment to an organization.

STOCKS: Owning shares which signifies part/joint ownership to a business. The investor can buy and sell shares to make profit, for example: you buy 1000 shares at $1 per share and resell a year later when they're worth Maybe $1.5 per share.

So I'll like to call BONDS a short-term investment and STOCKS long-term for this particular ARTICLE... But know that that's not completely what they are in the real world, am only using it as a basis to categorize the below altcoin investments based on coins that'll earn you MONEY almost instantly (BONDS) and others you'll just need to hodl and wait (STOCKS).

Now in real life, Know that there are Dividend Stocks which earns returns to their INVESTORS whether or NOT stock prices decline or rise, But this isn't real life here, so for the sake of this article try to understand the use of these terms.