5 Ways To Invest Bitcoins And earn profits


Hello, BitInvestor. Good day, Hope you're having a wonderful time on our website. Well today I'll like to write a Brief article on 5 (Five) Ways You can invest your Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and earn a steady income.

Now, on our cryptocurrency courses​ and others, We've outlined and recommended some Investment types And tips for beginners and investors including How to earn Bitcoins and altcoins for free.

However this list will reveal 5 best methods for either professionals or beginners.

So get ready, Seat tight.... Get a cup of coffee as we go ahead.


This is the act of investing (Stocks, Trading, Staking E.t.c) in cryptocurrencies for the sole purpose of making profits. This will be explained into 5 categories and ways that'll be highlighted here.

Investment usually is all about risk taking, believing in the future against all odds, so simply put... Cryptocurrencies investing is the act of takings Investment risks with or in cryptocurrency.

This is usually done online Since cryptocurrencies are digital currencies or online based money.

Usually, there are platforms offering these Opportunities. One can get into these Programs, Invest their funds and earn steady income.

Several Investment categories exist, with only 5 being our main focus in this article.

So let's get Started​!

Like i said earlier, one can invest with or invest in a cryptocurrency, for every method treated we'll indicate which category it belongs.

Also; as an investor, You must understand that Investments are either for the long-term (Long time frame) or short-term (Shorter time frame or Hit and Run Investments).
So with every successful method treated we'll also indicate whether it be a long-term or short-term Investments.

We'll also, Indicate which category of people it's recommended for, Beginners or professional investors.

1. Holding (Savings)

Holding Bitcoin or Altcoins is all encompassing, Infact it cuts across stock trading with Bitcoins and also Investing into ICOs.
As we go ahead you'll understand the concept of holding cryptocurrencies better.
It's by far the safest method of investing in cryptocurrencies. Saving cryptocurrencies is a great way to get rich in a long-term.

Savings actually isn't investing, well that's for fiat currencies because their value decreases due to inflation, Cryptos like the bitcoin cannot be inflated, there's demand but limited supply leading to price increase. It's the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Buy a cryptocurrency and store it for long-term.

For example, the bitcoin in January this year (2017) was 900$ per Coin. Today May 31st 2019, A coin is worth over $8000. That's Over x9 or 900% growth in 2years alone.

Imagine an investor holding 10Bitcoins worth $9,000 in total in January 2017. Now in May 2019 he'll have over $84,000 in Bitcoins.

So you see! Saving cryptocurrencies for long-term is a great way to get rich.

As an investor, long term investments like holding cryptocurrencies can pay of big time. Like i said, it's the best way of investing in cryptocurrencies.

My 'mom' bought 1500Ripple Coins and she Plans holding them for 10years before selling a pin.  So imagine a ripple coin at $100 per Coin 10years from today. She'll be 50 by then and retired with a less than $500 Investment returning over $150,000 to her. In Nigeria that's over  ₦52M using the ₦350/$ exchange rate. And lemme shock  you, she has bought over 6 different cryptocurrencies in like manner.   Of course it's courtesy of Me And My Team, Talked her into investing for long-term in cryptocurrencies since she's already an entrepreneur with several Investments, saving Cryptos wouldn't be a bad idea. Would it?

Both beginners and professionals can hold cryptocurrencies with very minimal to no risks involved.

These risks include

• Hack: Being careless with your wallet (What we'll call your cryptocurrency bank account) details can lead to being hacked.

• Price Decline: Currency experiences price crash (decreases) AND Increases. This leads to value decrease. E.T.C. This Will rarely happen, However loses will also be rare.

Truth is; These risks like hacking happens to 1 out of 1million people. They're rare and can be avoided by using cold wallets E.T.C.

2. Highly Profitable But Risky Investments (HYIP)

HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program(s). It's the term used to describe certain types of cryptocurrency based Ponzi schemes.

This schemes pays very huge Returns in short periods and of course crashes also in short periods.

A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator generates returns for older investors through revenue paid by new investors, rather than from legitimate business activities or profit of financial trading. - Wikipedia
The Wikipedia definition explains the entire concept. The business has nothing it does with investors funds, it keeps and pays off older Investors with newer Investors money which means that when the bubble bursts the newest investors are left unpaid or left with losses.

It's a great way to invest with cryptocurrencies but it's risky and recommended for only professionals.

Actually some major Investors won't agree it's a form of investing, they'll rather see it as betting. Well betting/staking is also a type of Investment and can pay off big time with the right tricks.

Investing in the right ones can be very profitable and life changing Opportunities. Some HYIPs have paid out over 2000% returns to investors even before crashing.

Here are some of our tips

• Enter and Invest Early, don't join or invest late.

• With Opportunities that supports deposit withdrawal, pull out after fast, Don't get greedy.
Imagine earning 3% daily for 15days, that's 45% returns; Please pull out and Quit.

•  Investigate Every HYIP before investing, check if it's paying and check it's lifespan.

• Go for innovative ideas, We've studied and noticed HYIPs with a great innovation lasts longer than haphazardly built websites with no convincing business model.

• Invest What you can afford to lose, We advice you don't invest more than 1-10% of your portfolio.

Actually These risks can be greatly decreased by joining our investors team HERE, where we take our time to teach our Investors about HYIPs with our HYIP CRACKING formula (HYIP CRACKER 2.0) And Try to secure Insurances for Investors from HYIP platforms.

3. Trading & Reselling Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies.

In this section, I'll like to rephrase it as trading stocks but trading and reselling will be a better keyword to use.
We'll space this section into two, dealing with trading and Reselling as separate topics.
For this context both means the same thing but having different approach and risk levels.

3.1. Trading Cryptocurrencies

Trading Cryptos is the act of flipping coins for profits... All you need is to get an account with a trustworthy crypto exchange to buy coins and flip them for others.
You need good Knowledge to do this, and you can day trade or buy and hold for sometime for good profits.

3.2. Reselling Cryptocurrencies

Reselling is trading cryptos for cash or fiat.
Let's say you're getting coins from a source for 8000$/BTC and Selling at $8500/BTC at another source.
This can also be done in from one exchange to another.


As an investor you can buy your own machines and Start Earning Passive Income from mining but fees like Electricity and maintenance without being a professional can lead to longer break-even point and loss at some point.

By buying your own machine and hosting on a pool you could start mining but there's another option called cloud Mining.

A company does all the work (Maintenance, Electricity fees E.T.C.) and you get a share of the profits.

There're very few legit cloud Mining providers out there and Here's One You should Invest on and Earn Upto 15% monthly for 1year. SEE REVIEW

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An ICO stands for initial coin offering, Simply put it's a crowd sale or crowd funding for Business start-ups. ICO and IPO (Initial public offering) means the same thing. As fiat currency like dollars is used in real world and cryptocurrencies in the online world, it's in like manner IPOs are to offline Startups and ICOs To crypto startups.
In IPO a company sells what's called shares to Investors while in ICOs what's called a token or coin is given to the investor to hold.

The Business raises capital or funds to fund it's project from there. In other words; the business is taking funds from investors to complete it's project.

Most ICO are Huge scams but few have turned out revolutionary.

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These are just a few of the ways you can invest in cryptos AND earn good profits in short-term or LONGTERM.
Hope this article was useful?