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600+ Review: is scam or legit? PAYING - Earn 15% Weekly for 12 weeks

Hello BitInvestor; It's been a while we talked about investing and earning bitcoins from a stable short term investment  program online and Recently we got a proposal with Elirtex limited to work with them  so we'll be writing a brief and eye opening review of ELIRTEX Limited (

Today we'll be running a detailed review on ELIRTEX an investment opportunity from ELIRTEX LIMITED.

In this review we'll ascertain if Elirtex ( is a scam or legit website, is it paying or not paying, risky or safe and How anyone can make a fortune from this opportunity.

So as Quickly as possible please grab a cup of coffee let's run through this as fast as possible.


ELIRTEX is believed to be a HYIP program - A HYIP or high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment that promises high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. - wikipedia. 

But sessions with the Elirtex Ltd management shows the company is legit and invests in innovative start-ups, ELIRTEX  and  it's company is into investing in start-ups, Pharmaceutical industry, Tech start-ups  e.t.c. and therefore investors funds are secured and put into a real business.

According to Information on the website;
The Elirtex online platform is an investment service owned by Elirtex Limited. The headquarters of the financial conglomerate is in the United Kingdom and acts as asset manager through the management of several investment fund portfolios. The target market of the company are institutional, corporate and private investors with any amount of capital.

Customers are served by our specialists in synergy with the analysts of the company in London and a new branch in Hong Kong dedicated to serving large investors. Elirtex Limited finances only promising projects with innovative ideas. The company carefully examines each candidate to meet our criteria in order to guarantee the prospect of maximum income for each investor.

We guarantee our clients the security of their funds giving priority to the quality of operations and their profitability instead of the number of projects. Elirtex Limited adequately manages the capital and protects it against any risk, due to a fully balanced investment portfolio.

Register For An Account for free and Invest to start Earning. 

So, Let's take a look at some special features of ELIRTEX and why you should invest your funds today and earn daily profits!



Register For An Account for free and Invest to start Earning.


Elirtex is an investment platform that enables online investors to increase their capital through portfolio investment in promising companies and start-ups. Our main goal is to provide our clients with a balanced and risk-protected investment portfolio consisting of innovative and progressive companies with a high level of reliability.

Elirtex always focuses on quality, therefore our priority is not the number of investment directions and types of business, but the efficiency and profitability of investments.

Our team levels the risks through a careful and exhaustive analysis filtering the projects. Elirtex investment portfolio includes only first-class financial assets that meet the highest criteria for getting profit in the future.
"If you do not analyze companies before investing, then you have the same chances of success as a poker player who made a bet without looking at his cards", (Warren Buffett). 

Elirtex belongs to the Elirtex Limited Group, a financial conglomerate that works in England and acts as administrator of investment assets through the management of several portfolio funds.

The objective market of the company is institutional, corporate and private investors with any size of capital that are serviced by our specialists in synergy with the analysts of the company from the office in London and a new point of service for large investors in Hong Kong.

Today we have thousands of active users and dozens of financed start-ups. And this is only the beginning...

ELIRTEX LIMITED operates under the strict compliance of the United Kingdom's law.

The United kingdom’s register number is 11426110
Main office address: 22 Old Kent Road, London, United Kingdom, SE1 5UU.

The company has proved its value in Europe and almost immediately began to enjoy great confidence. the great demand of our services, particularly in our asiatic colleagues, took the opening of the branch office of ELIRTEX in Hong Kong.

Registration number in Hong Kong - 2744304
Main Office address: Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queens Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

The ELIRTEX website is SSL secured with two offices currently - one in the UK and the other in Hong Kong.  This simply shows this company is ready for BUSINESS.

They're 100% paying and I've personally earned severally and enjoyed same day withdrawals without issues.


ELIRTEX Limited offers only one investment plan known as the Alpha Day plan.
This plan pays 15% Weekly for 12WEEKS returning a total of 180% in 12WEEKS or 84days (12 weeks is 84days).

So you get 180% in 84days where 100% is your capital or deposit and 80% is pure profits in just 84days.

Very profitable investment opportunity and best part is, it's SHORT TERM.

Minimum investment is just 0.005 BTC while minimum withdrawal is set at just 0.002 BTC.

Register For An Account for free and Invest to start Earning.


Elirtex offers a MLM referral structure which pays 10% on level 1 and 2% on level two.
Representatives earn as much as 12% on level one, 2% on level two plus an additional 1% on level three referrals.


Every Deposit Directly under us for our team members comes with a 5% instant insurance paid out to the investors.

This insurance is available for Club Members Only. So Join Club Here

Other forms of insurances are currently under discussion.


So, Lets say you're coming in with a thousand dollars or lets use 1BTC.

1BTC is around $6,500 Currently, so let's use that.... and we'll be using the BTC value for our calculations and not the DOLLAR equivalent because Elirtex as a brilliant company has ANOTHER fantastic feature which is; Deposits and returns are in BTC real time. So a soar in BTC ISN'T a loss but a plus to you, because you start earning more.

E.g: If you deposit 1 BTC you'll earn 15% of 1BTC which is 0.15BTC weekly not the value in dollar so if BTC gets to $12,000 now... you lose nothing but gain better.

So LET'S say you're depositing 1BTC, YOU'LL earn 0.15BTC weekly for12WEEKS.
You'll be getting a total of 1.8BTC Returned to you in 84days (12 weeks).

Now note this; 1BTC is your deposit while 0.8BTC is your profit in this short, less than 3 months investment term.

You don't want to miss this; trust me!!

Register For An Account for free and Invest to start Earning.


More payment proofs available on the comment section of this thread.


So In conclusion; Without much stories We're giving Elirtex  4.5 out of 5 stars for excellent customer service and investment opportunity.

I would advice you join Elirtex now with at least $1000 in deposit to start enjoying this COMPANY and all it's benefits.

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