Review: is solidtradebank Scam or Legit? PAYING - Earn 0.2% daily and up to 2% weekly with no risk


Hello, BitInvestor. Recently we wrote about a cloud mining company paying up to 15% monthly - See More Here; But today we'll be reviewing an investment giant that has been around since 2013; I came to know about Solid Trade Bank 4 Years ago and it's Been a spectacular experience, I must say it's a legit program with a good team behind it.

Today we'll be running a detailed review on SOLID TRADE BANK (SOLIDTRADEBANK.COM) an investment opportunity from SOLID TRADE BANK INC. In this review we'll ascertain if is a scam or legit website, is it paying or not paying, risky or safe and How anyone can make a fortune from this investment opportunity.


Solid Trade Bank is a financial investment service, However I'd boldly say it's a HYIP program.
A high-yield investment program (HYIP) is a type of Ponzi scheme, an investment scam that promises unsustainably high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. - wikipedia.

Although one can't really ascertain if Solid Trade Bank is a HYIP company after running for up to 6 years now (Since 2013 till present).  Even if they were not into any business by now they should be.
Paying out 0.5% every business day for 5 years and now 0.2% EVERY business day is a long enough time to give them a thumbs up.

Aside That, Currently we've confirmed they really trade on Cryptocurrencies and Forex from videos we got from staffs and other company executives.

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According to their website;
Solid Trade Bank is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles our company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities we have while operating assets of our customers. The foundation of Solid Trade Bank consists in the aspect that now has become our distinctive feature. It is cross-insurance mechanism that enables all our clients to have protected their funds even if the world falls apart. 

Solid Trade Bank is not all about loans, credits and funds storage. The way we see it, focusing on these things only can be harmful for one's business. That's why Solid Trade Bank develops 4 directions funded by our Innovations and Technology department. It is en external subdivision designed for getting profit in non-financial domains.

Solid Trade Bank has subsidiary companies in the following areas:
- Oil and gas industry;
- Forex Trading;
- Banking;
- Heavy industry;
- Real Estate and Insurance.

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Let's take a look at some special features of SOLID TRADE BANK and why you should invest your funds today and earn daily profits!


Solid Trade Bank is a stable, no risk investment opportunity that pays 0.2% daily for 35 business days. A month has 22 business days, so let's assume the 35 business days is a month month and 3 weeks (7 weeks)... Solid Trade Bank will release 7% of your investment in less than 2 months.
No bank can pay you This, let's just say 0.2% × 22 Business days.... that's a massive 4.4% monthly.
Savings in a bank account can't give you this even anually.

All deposits in Solid Trade Bank are safely insured. We use a re-insuring deposit system. Each investor's deposit already contains a commission on insurance.

A. Deposits are cross-insured in 7 insurance companies all over the world. Simultaneous closure of all these insurance companies is impossible, so this cross-insuring method has proven to be the safest.

B. Deposits are stored in 15 banks situated in secure and offshore regions. Not a war, nor a cataclysm or corrupt government can affect your savings there.

C. Deposits are stored in different forms, starting with crypto-currency and hard cash and ending with gold and platinum. This diversified method has proven to be one of the most secure. Within this method the risk level is 0.0000000001% only.

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Company Overview

Solid Trade Bank today is continuously growing financial entity which comprises a series of non-financial subsidiaries that allow the head company to evolve day by day and keep a cutting edge position in the priority domains of our business. Here's a small overview of the Solid Trade Bank key elements.

Solid Trade Bank runs a large activity in investment banking area as a financial institution with initial purpose to provide an assistanship to individuals and corporations in raising capital by acting on behalf its clients as their agent in the issuance of securities. Our responsibilities may also include support services for companies involved in mergers and acquisitions activity and provision of different auxiliary services (from FICC services like fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities to trading of derivatives and equity securities and market making).

Oil & Gas Industry 
Energy resourses area is one of the fundamental elements of the activities where Solid Trade Bank subsidiaries are involved. Today our subdivisions are occupied with exploring, extracting, refining, transporting (using pipelines and oil tankers), and subsequent marketing oil and gas products. Our products are used as the raw material for a large veriety of chemical products, including pharmaceuticals, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, and plastics. This sector is supported by the major industry giants which now are our important partners.

Heavy Industry
Solid Trade Bank heavy industry department (STB HID) is primarily focused on selling goods to other industrial customers, rather than to the end consumer. STB HID holds an intermediary position of the supply chain of other products. Automobile construction, heavy machinery manufacturing are profile activities for STB HID agents. Major products are graders and rollers, bulldozers, crushers, mixers, loaders, backhoes, power cranes, concrete pumps, excavators, pavers, various types of off-road trucks and trailers, and a wide variety of specialized machinery.

Real Estate
Solid Trade Bank strives to get a #1 position in commercial real estate business. The key directions for our company are: audit (as a professional evaluation services); brokerage (a mediatory role for facilitation of a real estate transaction between the two parties); net leasing; property management and real estate marketing. Aside from the sectors listed above the STB provides some relocation services for people or business moving to a different country.

Securities Market 
None of modern large financial institutions can survive without a constant evolving. A new area for Solid Trade Bank represents securities market activity. As a service provider we offer the following: transfer of ownership and hedging (insurance) of operations though securities market (options, futures, etc.). We manage the transfer of existing stocks and bonds from owners who refuse to maintain their investments to new clients who are ready to increase those specific investments.

Investment Opportunity

Investment plans of Solid Trade Bank are stable and reliable. Our investment schemes have been tested by our analysts and have proven to be steady in almost any extreme conditions. They are competitive, profitable and the safest on the market.

We offer an investment plan with fixed interest rate of 0.2% for 35 business days. It is the safest and the most advantageous investment period comparing to any other banks. Here an investor has a unique opportunity to get profit each business day.

Also; plan 2 pays 2% weekly for 25 weeks.
That's 8%+ monthly and over 108% anually.

Usually banks can provide you an interest rate of only 5%-10% annually, yet by joining Solid Trade Bank you have an opportunity to make profit that exceeds these values by 15-20 times.

But it’s not everything. Solid Trade Bank is constantly evolving and elaborating new strategies for increasing your profit. Hence, during the next year we will extend the portfolio of our current investment packages. All investment opportunities are meant to bring stable revenues to all registered investors of Solid Trade Bank.

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Solid Trade Bank investment opportunity pays a massive 0.2% every business day for 35 business days, so that's 1% every week and over 4% every month.

Let's say you invest $10,000 which is currently (as at when I'm writing this) less than 2BTC; You will be making a massive $400 monthly.

Let's assume you invested early enough like we did for over 3 years now, it would have produced over $36,000 pure profits and still counting. So imagine for someone who has been a member from inception since 2013.

The deposit isn't locked in forever, you get your deposit released to your withdrawable wallet after every investment term of let's say less than 2 months (35 business days).

So let's say you invest it now; you'll be earning huge monthly or daily.

I would advise you invest nothing less than $1,000.

Solid Trade Bank returns a massive 50%+ pure profits yearly aside your capital.

So for plan 2... let's say you invest $10,000 Now.
You'll earn a massive $200 Weekly for 25 weeks and $10,800 in pure PROFITS annually aside your capital.
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Affiliate Offer

Solid Trade Bank takes care that each of the members of our company, no matter whether he made a deposit or just was an active member, gets his revenues. Everybody has an unique opportunity to receive high monthly profits, even without making his own contribution or investing his own money.

Solid Trade Bank pays 0.5% of every deposit of your referral.
So deposit $1000 gives your referral a $5 cash gift.... Not bad, is it.... Besides ordinary referral commissions, active members will get additional bonuses.

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I will give SOLID TRADE BANK 4.5 out of 5 stars for excellent service, long term, sustainability and a bright future.

I personally will advise you advise on SOLID TRADE BANK INC. And I would advise you do your own due diligence and invest nothing less than $1000 to start.

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