Electroneum: ETN mobile miner to go live on Monday 5th march 2018


Latest Information from Electroneum the first British cryptocurrency, on their official website the company revealed that the ETN mobile miner will finally be going live on the 5th of march 2018.

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We’ve had an unbelievable week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, meeting some of the top influencers in the global mobile market. We’ve spoken to dozens of network operators and are extremely confident we will take our user reach to over 200m with these new deals and probably a lot more. It’s been fantastic to see how excited executives from mobile operators can get about the Electroneum opportunity for their users.

With that in mind, we’re very pleased to announce that our mobile miner will be going live on Monday 5th of March.

In order to make sure our mobile miners have the best user experience possible and to ensure we can get the launch featured in some industry press, we’ve decided to wait until our whole team is back from Barcelona before we go live. We know many of you were expecting it to go live this week but we believe waiting until Monday is the best way to ensure the mobile miner has the biggest impact.

In case you didn’t know what the mobile miner is for, Rich gave a very quick explanation in this video interview here.

Right now, cryptocurrency is largely too difficult to obtain and spend for most people, especially in the developing world. Our core aim is to achieve global mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and the mobile miner is our way of introducing Electroneum to billions of smartphone owners around the world.

The mobile miner will allow anyone with a smartphone to earn a few US$ worth of cryptocurrency every month by mining Electroneum. It uses very little electricity and just a tiny amount of data, and importantly it requires no technical knowledge. A few dollars per month may not seem like much – but a billion people across the world live on US$2 or less per day. 71% of the world’s population live on US$10 or less.

Smartphone ownership in developing countries is climbing at an extraordinary rate. It rose from 21% to 37% from 2013 to 2015, and countries with some of the lowest GDPs still had a 25-30% smartphone adoption rate in 2017. For many people it is their best way to access the internet and communicate with loved ones and colleagues.

We’ll not only be giving all these people cryptocurrency – we’re working on ways for them to spend it. We have already partnered with global mobile operators and payments companies to allow users to pay for their airtime, data and VAS (value added services) using Electroneum. Through these partnerships we’ve already got access to 130m customers and over 1m vendors and and at least 100m more on our way thanks to the deals at Mobile World Congress.

What this is all about is making cryptocurrency truly accessible and useful to people, no matter their means or income. The launch of the mobile miner is so exciting because we see it as a huge leap forward towards this goal.

We will be counting down to launch across all our social channels and spreading the word far and wide. Watch this space!

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