EMcoin ICO Review: is emcoin.io scam or legit, Buy EMC for $0.5


Hello BitInvestor, On our ICO recommendations today, I'll be reviewing EMCOIN, An ICO that's currently making waves on the internet... A Bunch of investors have also been asking me what i think about the EMcoin ICO, So here it goes.

EMcoin ICO review

EMCoin - Emerging Markets coin (emcoin.io) is a cryptocurrency revolution that follows Bitconnects path but presents a better opportunity. The EMCoin has a lending program that pays investors upto 48% monthly. The Emerging Market Coin is a smart investment for the people of the new economy.


The EMCoin token network runs without having any central servers. It is easy to use and allows you to get all benefits from the blockchain technology. EMCoin is based on the Ethereum token ERC20 and runs on the Ethereum blockchain. In a nutshell, ERC20 is a subset of the Ethereum tokens. ERC20 is the standard interface for the token code. It enables seamless interaction with smart contracts and permission applications on the Ethereum blockchain. EMCoin follows the standard functions of ERC20. All EMCoin transactions are totally anonymous. EMCoin holders can monitor all transactions in the blockchain, this information is publicly available.

EMCoin Lending

Lending your own EMCoin provides you with an opportunity to earn a daily return from the management of EMCoin. It is an impressive concept for passive investors and for those who want to enjoy a daily passive income. No fixed daily interest rate can be guaranteed. The maximum interest rate is 48% per month on your investment. When the contract expires, the investment fund will be returned in accordance with terms and conditions.

You can invest EMCoin coin in our smart lending platform from your dashboard. You can choose from several destinations of lending. These include the trading bot and lending for business projects in various fields, such as tourism, HoReCa, retail, and many others. Each direction brings you a different percentage of profit, ranging up to 3% per day. You will also be able to choose an average direction for lending in order to minimize the risk. Smart lending allows you to diversify your investments or choose a moreprofitable direction.


ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is a means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies. In an ICO a percentage of the newly issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
In simple English: An ICO stands for a crowd sale or crowd funding for Business start-ups.

ICO and IPO (Initial public offering) means the same thing. As fiat currency like dollars is used in real world and cryptocurrencies in the digital world, it's in like manner IPOs are to offline Startups and ICOs To online/cryptocurrency based startups. In IPO a company sells what's called shares to Investors while in ICOs what's called a token or coin is given to the investor to hold. The Business raises capital or funds to fund it's project from there. In other words; the business is taking funds from investors to complete it's project.


EMCoin is the Emerging Market Coin. Our task is to invest successfully in emerging markets using revolutionary technology of the blockchain network. The use of EMCoin smart lending platform allows people to receive a daily income from investments in various growing business projects. EMCoin is a cryptocurrency that aims to change the financial world in the future. Due to a limited coin supply, there are going to be only 30 million EMCoins worldwide. This resembles an economic system based on deflation: with increasing coin supply, EMCoin prices tend to rise, and when the demand is high, the number of coins that remain does not increase. - EMcoin Whitepaper

EMCoin is rolling out a lending program

Emcoin is coming up with an investment opportunity, A lending program that pays investors daily profit and up to 48% monthly profits, The lending program means there'll be a massive adoption of this cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency growth is mostly based on it's rapid and massive adoption, Coins with a lending program undergoes these form of adoption which implies massive growth.
The lending program could be a PONZI, even if it is.. it's a smart way to earn good money during it's early days.

On an ICO, like i;ve explained before, the shares or tokens are sold at a very cheap and undervalued rate.
Example on Bitconnect ICO, a BCC was priced at $0.12 but currently just after a year, 1BCC = $400+. Following massive adoption, this .05$ coin after it's ICO can even be launched at $10 per EMC, that alone means 20x or 2000% growth in just a few weeks.

Another great Example is Davor Coin, it's still new and i recommend you join HERE. on the DAVOR ICO a month ago 1 DAV = 0.9 and just after a month 1DAV = $18.

EMCOIN will be huge, don't miss the opportunity.

Total EMCOINS is just 30,000,000... Really low, plus only 10,000,000 is going to be sold on the ICO, Following massive adoption means there'll be increasing demand for the EMC COIN but limited supply which will also cause a rapid rise in value.

EMC COIN is the Next Big Thing.


With the EMCoin attractive refer and affiliate program you can earn additional EMCoins by telling other users about this opportunity and referring them to the EMCoin community. We are offering a bonus program which enables you to earn more for every new user who signs up and joins the EMCoin smart lending platform using your affiliate link.

The EMCoin`s affiliate program is designed with 5 lucrative levels where you can earn additional commissions for every registered partner. You will be able to earn a commission every time a referral lends EMCoin on our platform through your affiliate link. With a residual bonus you will earn a daily commission on every interest your partner gets. The commission you earn is based on the level your partner signs in. It has five Levels Referral bonus from smart lending  in this respective manner 9%, 3%, 2%, 1%, 1%.

This will make affiliates insane profits and will also be essential to the schemes survival and growth, Don't forget the massive adoption rule.


The EMCOIN ICO will begin be December 21st 2017, that's about 5-6days from today, which means that there's enough time to prepare funds for this ICO. once they launch the ICO officially more persons will join and buy the EMC coin (massive adoption).


Here's what you've been waiting for, Here's what I think.
The EMCoin is a risk worth taking, It's a project I personally believe in.. Several ICOs, especially lending programs has made me and a lot of other investors a fortune in few months.

So here's my verdict.. I'm giving the EMCOIN project 4 out of 5 stars.

Personally, I'll advice you invest up to $1000 and hold 2000EMC, If after the launch 1EMC is valued at 5$, It means you're $10,000 Rich. Wait, If the project succeeds and it follows the growth pattern, like the Bitconnect which is currently over 400$. Let's say in a year, 1EMC = $300, it means you'll be $600,000 rich in a year. Did i hear a wow? Yeah, I know you want that, we all want that.

During the ICO let's say you invested $1000 to hold 2000coins. Let's say we hold for 6months and don't invest in the lending program or anything and 1EMC is valued at $200, It means you just made 2000EMC * $200 = $400,000.
From 1000 to over 400,000 dollars in 6Months, I know you want it....