Bitcoin price reaches over $18,000 with over $300Bn Market Cap


Bitcoins Current surge in price shocks both investors and speculators as the cryptocurrency has gone up by over 2000% or 20× it's initial opening this year.
The cryptocurrency was trading around 900$ earlier this year but shockingly a BTC is currently worth over $17,000.

Reports from Samuel Asingba Shows the BTC hit an all time high of over $18,000 standing at an impressive Position of $18,464.18 on Thursday night (07/12/2017).

Samuel Asingba earlier predicted that the Bitcoin Will hit $7,500 this year but the cryptocurrency has beaten almost everyone's expectations.

The Bitcoin flaunts an impressive market cap of over 300 billion USD with over 65% dominance over Altcoins which are crashing hard with only a few exceptions.

Total cryptocurrency market capitalisation hits over $450Bn barely after 1week of hitting the 300 billion mark.

The question I ask myself always is; hope this won't end like the tulip bubble in the late sixteens. As Investors we could only pray and also be prepared for the best and worse future possible.

 My prediction is; BITCOIN will easily hit anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 by 2018 so don't be left out. And also be prepared if the Bitcoin was = Zero.