NEOCONNECT ICO Review: is neo connect scam or legit, get free neoc coins now


Hello Investor, On our ICO recommendations today, i'll like to review NEO CONNECT, An ICO that's currently making rounds on the internet... A lot of investors have also been contacting me that they want to know what i think about NEOCONNECT ICO, So here it goes.


NEO is currently the  9th biggest cryptocurrency in the world with a market cap of over $2.5bn, 1 neo coin is currently valued at 39$ per coin.

However one Neo Connect Coin (NEOC) is currently valued a $1 per coin and yes, the good news is that you'll get 2 (two) coins completely free once you join.
And these can be worth more than $100 in a short time, Look at the BCC (bitconnect coin) for example, Just after a year it's current value is over $300, so if you've gotten 2 BCC for free it means you'll have over $600 as a free gift. So don't miss this opportunity.

Let's go into some details below

Join NEOCONNECT ICO And Get 2 NEOC Coins Now For Free


Neoconnect (NEOC) is a new decentralised self regulated cryptocurrency and digital payment system that will change the financial world in P2P network.
The system is peer to peer and transactions take place directly between users with the help of blockchain technology and without the involvement of a third party like government or banks.
It means money can be sent from one person to another from any part of the world instantly with very low fees. All transactions can been seen on blockchain but people can’t see which transaction is done by whom.

Neoconnect presents a lending program. Read information from their site below.

NeoConnect (NEOC) can be used for Lending when our platform launches for Lending Benefits. This investment option involves profiting from NeoConnect Trading Bot and volatility software. You will receive daily interest profit based on your investment plan chosen as per the Lending Chart.

On Completion of the Lending term the CAPITAL BACK activates from our lending platform or optionally the daily interest can be reinvested back by the Investor with minimum of $10 has reinvest amount.
No fixed daily interest rate is guaranteed. Maximum interest rate is upto 45% per month + 0.50% daily(For Tier 4 as per the Lending chart). As mentioned above, a maximum interest that can be earned is upto 45%(+15%) per month.

What's an ICO?

An ICO means Initial Coin Offering, which is a means of crowdfunding via use of cryptocurrency, which can be a source of capital for startup companies. In an ICO a percentage of the newly issued cryptocurrency is sold to investors in exchange for legal tender or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
In simple English: An ICO stands for a crowd sale or crowd funding for Business start-ups. ICO and IPO (Initial public offering) means the same thing. As fiat currency like dollars is used in real world and cryptocurrencies in the online world, it's in like manner IPOs are to offline Startups and ICOs To online/cryptocurrency based startups.

In IPO a company sells what's called shares to Investors while in ICOs what's called a token or coin is given to the investor to hold.
The Business raises capital or funds to fund it's project from there. In other words; the business is taking funds from investors to complete it's project.


NEOCONNECT has a lending Program which pays upto 45% monthly and is based on the NEO cryptocurrency just like Bitconnect is to the Bitcoin and Ethconnect is to the Ethereum coin.  The lending program means there'll be a massive adoption of this cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency growth is mostly based on it's rapid and massive adoption, Coins with a lending program undergoes these form of adoption which implies massive growth.

The lending program could be a PONZI, even if it is.. it's a smart way to earn good money during it's early days.

On an ICO, like i;ve explained before, the shares or tokens are sold at a very cheap and undervalued rate. Example on Bitconnect ICO, a BCC was priced at $0.12 but currently just after a year, 1BCC = $300+.

Following massive adoption, this 1$ coin after it's ICO can even be launched at $10 per NEOC, that alone means 10x or 1000% growth in just a few weeks.

Total NEOCONNECT COINS is just 15,000,000... Really low, plus 9,000,000 is going to be sold on the ICO, Following massive adoption means there'll be increasing demand for the NEOC but limited supply which will also cause a rapid rise in value.

NEOCONNECT is the Next Big Thing.

Join NEOCONNECT ICO And Get 2 NEOC Coins Now For Free

ICO date

The NEOC ICO will begin be December 5th 2017, that's about 8-9days from today, which means that there's enough time to prepare funds for this ICO. Joining now also gives you 2 Free NEOC coins which means more and more people are joining (massive adoption), once they launch the ICO officially more persons will join and buy the NEOC coin (massive adoption again).

What do you think?

NEOC coin is a risk worth taking, It's a project I personally believe in.. Several ICOs, especially lending programs has made me and a  lot of other investors a fortune in few months.
So here's my verdict.. I'm giving the NEOCONNECT COIN project 4 out of 5 stars.

Personally, I'll advice you invest up to $1000 and hold 1000NEOC, If after the launch 1NEOC is valued at 10$, It means you're $10,000 Rich.
Wait, If the project succeeds and it follows the growth pattern, like the bitconnect which is currently over 300$.

Let's say in a year, 1NEOC = $300, it means you'll be $300,000 rich in a year. Did i hear a wow?
Yeah, I know you want that, we all want that.

Join NEOCONNECT ICO And Get 2 NEOC Coins Now For Free


Buying NEOC at the first phase qualifies you for a 15% bonus...
Let's do a little mathematics!

Once you signup, you get 2 coins for free. During the ICO let's say you invested $1000 to hold 1000coins, You'll get 150coins for free. Giving you a total of 1152 NEOC Coins.
Let's say we hold for 6months and 1 NEOC is valued at $200, It means you just made 1152 NEOC * $200 =  $230,400.
1000 to over 200,000 dollars in 6Months, I know you want it....

Holding just  your 2 free coins will mean $400 for free.