Bitcoin hits all time high of over $7200 and dominates by over 60%


The bitcoin has reached new heights as it hits $7208 according to statistics from CoinBase.

Chart from Coinbase

Did you remember? Earlier! I predicted that after November 1st there'll be a Bitcoin price boom.

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Hmmmmm, well let's call it a lucky guess but understand that all my guesses are usually correct or are Always manifested.

This week it happened, the BTC reached newer heights and experienced a Mega price boom.

According to statistics on Luno, bitcoin grew over 25% ↑ this week Alone moving the coin from $6400 to $7200, However as I write this there has been a little price decline back to $7000 and stabilising at a 23% ↑ this week.

Bitcoin currently dominates other cryptocurrencies according to coinmarketcap with over 61% and yes the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies has hit an all time High of over $195B.

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With such statistics, like I predicted earlier. The bitcoin will stabilize at $7500 This year and will likely hit $15,000 - $25000 by the end of 2018.

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