Bitcoin (BTC) hits over $10,000 all time high


The has reached greater heights as it has finally hit an all time high of over $10,000 leaving it's current market capitalization at $168B, a height a lot of investors were anticipating for.

Note that early this year, we predicted that the bitcoin hit at least $7,500 this year, Well it actually beat our expectations by hitting this milestone. One can only imagine where it could be by the end of this year.

Bitcoin price from Coinmarketcap
According to stats from coinmarketcap, the bitcoin is currently worth of $10,000, after hitting an all time high price of $10,113.70 On Tuesdays November 28th 2017 at 12:04:14UTC before briefly crashing down to around $9920 - $10,020 range currently.

Bitcoin currently dominates all other cryptocurrencies by over 54%, leaving it at over half of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization With the Ethereum in second place having a market cap of over 44Billion US Dollars

Several other cryptos follow a similar path, making shocking rise in price leaving the total crypto market cap at over $300B.