ETHConnect ICO Review: Buy ECH Coin For $0.5 Per Coin


Hello BitInvestors, Today We'll be reviewing another ICO that we believe will be a big thing in future. If you've noticed we don't talk about ICOs that much, We Review and buy Coins that are beyond reasonable doubts Has a future; At least it must be convincing enough and must have a good concept or achievable roadmap or Business model. (ECH) 

Today we'll be talking about ETHCONNECT, should I call it Regalcoin 2.0 or Bitconnect 2.0?

Actually i personally prefer Bitconnect 2.0!
Maybe because of the name or concept. ETHconnect is not much different from the bitconnect and regal coin project plus others currently incoming.
Their concept is usually tempting and that's why such coins have very high potentials for growth, Regal coin did their ICO some few months back, in the ICO a Rec = $0.85 but currently in less than 4 months 1REC = $70+
Now regal coin offers a lending program that pays 45% monthly on your investment, While Bitconnect pays 40% monthly, In their ICO in November 2016, 1BCC = $0.12, Today in 1 year, 1 bitconnect coin (BCC) = $225+.

Imagine the growth within short periods and the possibility of turning anyone into future millionaires, Okay, let's say someone had invested 12$ into the BCC project, Today It'll be worth $22,500 in 1 year. I know you want those kind of stats.

ETHConnect made its way to my heart because it's similar to the above mentioned platforms, Infact it's an upgrade of their original vision.

ETHconnect offers a 52% monthly ROI lending program, This alone should ring a bell of Joy in your heart, In the ICO 1EthConnect Coin (ECH) = 0.5$, But guess what, after ICO, 1ECH may be launched at even 3$ per coin so imagine the profits even immediately at launch. Oh, I almost forgot, the team targets at least 30$ per ECH this same year. Did I hear you say wow? Okay! Thought my ears has started hearing voices.

Sorry, For the sake of newbies, lemme do this,

What's an ICO?