Electroneum ICO: Could It Be The Next Big Thing? Buy Electroneum Now


Hello, BitInvestors. This is coming a bit late, but no time is late when it comes to a great opportunity lurking in the cryptocurrency world waiting for smart minds to grab it.
Well lemme not go into singing praises of a project in it's Startups now.

Electroneum, The First British Cryptocurrency

Here's what all that was all about, A new cryptocurrency called Electroneum is under development and is currently offering a crowdfunding token sale. I will explain!

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Electroneum in it's ICO

What's Electroneum?
Electroneum (ETN) is a digital currency designed for mobile users, Powered simply by an App. It's the first cryptocurrency of British origin.

It's different from other cryptocurrencies.
Electroneum is a leap forwards in the accessibility of cryptocurrencies. We are raising funds to further develop Electroneum via a crowdsale token sale.
  • Strong Technology: the ETN has a strong Blockchain Technology which includes improved security, faster transactions, lower fees e.t.c.
  • Super Unhackable offline wallet system: Wallets are offline based, no more hack stories.
  • Full Anonymous transactions: Do transactions anywhere in the world with anyone without exchanging personal identity.
  • Security of identity and transactions: unlike the bitcoin, Electroneum hides transactions details and more.
  • Easy Mining Opportunity, No need for hard machines and GPU, And all the other stories. They're taking mining back to mobile users like Monero did.
  • Big market: over 2.2 billion people use smartphones so the opportunity of growth is enormous.

Just to mention a few! The Opportunities are enormous.
I, personally have not been this optimistic about an ICO but I believe Electroneum (ETN) is the next big thing with enormous opportunities. - Asingba Samuel

What's An ICO?
An ICO stands for initial coin offering, Simply put it's a crowd sale or crowd funding for Business start-ups. ICO and IPO (Initial public offering) means the same thing. As fiat currency like dollars is used in real world and cryptocurrencies in the online world, it's in like manner IPOs are to offline Startups and ICOs To online startups.

In IPO a company sells what's called shares to Investors while in ICOs what's called a token or coin is given to the investor to hold.

The Business raises capital or funds to fund it's project from there. In other words; the business is taking funds from investors to complete it's project.
Join Electroneum ICO now, buy ETN Coin at 0.01$  per coin, Get an extra 1% bonus on purchases.

So Why Electroneum?

Electroneum is something completely new, improved and different. It's a cryptocurrency that i believe has enormous chances of growth.

Here's why you should join this ICO

1. Big Investors are in: Our entire investors team is in. Infact 'Duncan Logan' A major crypto Investor said ETN will be the first ICO he's buying into.

See ICO stats: Over 250,000 Participants, Over $40M raised so far and still counting.

You can buy Electroneum with either bitcoin or Ethereum.

2. The Team is strong: Electroneum has a strong team of developers and more, you can risk it with the professionals.

3. The Future: ETN has a future, the market is limitless.

4. Cheap rates: in this ICO 1ETN is 0.01$ that means with $10 you could hold 1000ETN Coins.
How cheap and fantastic.

My​ Advise....

Lets go back in time
Imagine that you had invested $1000 in Bitcoins in 2010, You'll be a multi millionaire on Dollars as we speak.

In November 2016, the famous Bitconnect Coin (BCC) with a lending Program paying Upto 40% month started its ICO. 1BCC was = 0.12$. today 1BCC = 201$.
So imagine Investing 12USD to hold 100BCC. Today it'll be worth more than 20,000$ In less than a year.

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This touched you... How about regalcoin (REC) the new 45% monthly lending  cryptocurrency started it's ICO about 3months back, i heard about it when 1REC = 0.85$. I didn't Invest. Today one REC = 35$.
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ICOs are Magical, Investing in the best ones can change your life.

You missed, i missed, this opportunities so don't miss this one.  I've bought some already.

Hold at least 1000coins, It's Just $10, Risk it. It's a risk takers world.

See this;
Three years from today let's picture 1ETN = $50.
Your​ $10 will be worth $50,000.... Very few to No Business could have paid you this huge. 

That's shocking right! Well do the maths for $100 per ETN in 2Years.

The opportunity is enormous! It's worth risking $10 for.

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Join The ICO now, it's Ending October 31st 2017.
The Electroneum Blockchain and everything will be​ live November 1st 2017. Don't miss this!

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