BTCHash Review: is scam or legit? SCAM - Earn 3.84% Daily


Hello, today I'll be introducing another new and fantastic HYIP project known as BTCHash (

WARNING: BTCHash admin is taking years to answer our complaints. Do not​ Invest. It's now a scam, kindly ignore the rest of this review.

This is an opportunity for our community to make some free cash because personally I'm seeing a  company that's ready for business just like BTCClock was - “Don't get me wrong; I'm not recommending BTCHash”. I'm only speaking based on HYIP investment results.

In today's Review we'll love to show you how anyone could make money online using BTCHash Investment Opportunity and also to answer your pending questions about BTCHash.

You may be wondering if BTCHASH is a scam, real, paying, not paying e.t.c. we'll answer all those and provide enough info which you will use as the basis of agreeing to invest or not.

So let's go ahead
Btchash claim to be a super-flexible project for those who like to quickly get tangible results and prefers full control over their finances at any time of the day or night, It guarantees a daily return on investment of 3.84% daily. Best part is they pay every 60secs in the day, withdrawals​ are instant and they're still very new in the business. Other platforms rarely has such Opportunities.

From their site; Btchash boasts itself of being the “Superflexible project for people who needs results settings their own rules for their own money. Get income from about 15 satoshi every minute with just 0.005 BTC minimum deposit​”

So let's take a look at some special features of Btchash and why you should invest your funds today and earn around the clock!



More Details And Our Honest Observations: 

BTCHASH is a bitcoin, perfect money, advcash Hyip Program, although that's not a guarantee on the Program. Their Site is simple and SSL secured which means that they're ready for business and there's a to a large extent security of funds and personal details.

Low startup cost of just 0.005BTC or 5$ PerfectMoney and Advcash and lower withdrawals with little fees, deposit can be withdrawn anytime with a 5% fee, what could any Investor ask for.

Minimum withdrawal is just 0.0005BTC

Company Overview;

According to information gathered on their website, the CEO of Btchash, Nico Peterson writes;

Welcome to BtcHash investment platform!

“You are probably interested first of all in how the idea to create such an unusual project arose. It is quite simple: recently, I turned on the movie of the early 80s, where the car was just driving in the frame for 3 minutes... During this time, I managed to send a few letters and even answer a call, and I was terribly bored”.
“The picture clearly lacked dynamics against modern life. And then I thought: but everything is exactly the same as with my bank, where I made a deposit at 10% per annum on the eve, and for a week already regretted that I said goodbye to my savings for as long as 12 months”.

“What do I want to say? Banks, my dear friends, are like the good old movie: they are good classic, but the world is moving forward, and in the banking approach nothing has changed since the 1980s. That’s why I started BtcHash project”.

“Why is it here that we met? Probably, because you are as dynamic and open to everything new like me and the whole team of the creators of this project”!

“Because you are also confident that life is too short to wait long for the result. Because you do not want to risk your funds to get miserable 10% per annum from the bank, investing all available money on a deposit. After all, life will not begin in a year; life is today, tomorrow and already goes on”.

“Does our project suit you? Ask yourself an honest question: do I know where I will be in a year and what will happen to me? If your answer is no, then you are not accustomed to sit in place waiting for a miracle, but like to take maximum from the life and always stay where there are new opportunities! In this case, our project is what you need.”

BtcHash investment program is a super-flexible project for those who like to quickly get tangible results and prefers full control over their finances at any time of the day or night.
By the way, I did not manage to watch that film till the end…

Investment plan;

Our unique investment program does not hide any pitfalls: you get income in the amount of 3.84% daily, regardless of the size of your contribution. Immediately after investing you start getting income in equal parts each 60 seconds. Funds may be withdrawn at any time with 5% fee.

Our mission;

Modern life dictates its rules, and our usual ways of accumulating capital become a thing of the past as quickly as traditional banking services that are hopelessly behind modern realities. It’s not difficult to make sure of this; for example, ask your bank what it knows about cryptocurrencies.

But, unfortunately, new high-quality infrastructure around crypto-investments appears somewhat slower than we would like it to be. However, it was always like that and not only in this industry.
We see our mission in providing high-quality service to those market participants, who are ready to develop a new approach to investing together with us and to get well-deserved profit from it.

Our position is that money in the modern world should work and do it quickly bringing the investor tangible, but not symbolic profit, doing this not in a year, but here and now.

They say that to get rich suddenly, you need either to obtain an inheritance or to rob a bank. Now you have the 3rd and the most reliable way: earning with BtcHash. Everything is just as quick, but at the same time reliable, legal, and most importantly – controllable.

Invest as it suits you, not your bank! Today we can say with confidence that we, friends, create history
We see our mission in providing high-quality service to those market participants, who are ready to develop a new approach to investing together with us and to get well-deserved profit from it.

 Affiliate Program;

They have a generous affiliate Program of 15% for the deposit of your referrals.

My Verdict And Rating

I'm giving this HYIP 4stars out of 5, HYIPs are dangerous investments so I'll advise you should be careful if you know nothing about investing in such.

So, before we round up let's do a simple mathematics, imagine you invest 1BTC and Earn 3.84% daily for the next 1 month that'll be a total of 115% returns i.e: 1.15BTC returns plus your 1BTC capital, that's 2.15BTC total returns, minus your 5% deposit withdrawal fee and you're left with 0.95BTC deposit plus 1.15BTC profit.

That's 2.1BTC returns after 30days, over 100% returns. What More can any Investor ask for!

It's now a scam

So what are you waiting for, get your funds ready and Join the Program now! - Register Here.

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