Bitcoin (BTC) Hits all time high of over $6,000 then experiences a 4% crash


Recently some investors called me and was thanking me for revealing to them to buy the bitcoin, Well I simply gave a tip where i talked about trading in terms of buying the bitcoin when low and selling at any slight chances when it experiences a bullish rise in price.

A wonderful and unforgettable incident happen recently where some of our investors made over $5,000 in less than 16 Hours for just buying and reselling the bitcoin. Some investors sold off up to 10BTC  which they bought around 5,400$ earlier last week on Tuesday and sold it on Saturday (21/10/2017) making over $8,000 in profits, Then buying back their coins at $5800 later that Sunday, making over $4,000. However on my advice some are waiting for a price crash in November.


Bitcoin recently hit the all time high of over $6,200 in some exchanges on Saturday 21st October 2017, After it experienced a slight crash of over 4.5% to 5850$ before finally stabilising around $5900 - $6000.


According to statistics we gathered from coinmarketcap currently the Bitcoin dominates all Altcoins (Bitcoin Alternatives) with over 58% and having a market capitalisation of 99.9 Billion Dollars and $6020/BTC.

Well this Another milestone for the coin, It's only a matter of time till it hits over $100B again in terms of capitalisation and over $7000 as I predicted earlier for this year.


Yes, Prediction... I've predicted that the BTC will hit $7000+ this year. My assurance is baffling right?
How can I be so sure?

Now, due to the November BTC fork, the price of the coin will experience a slight crash.

If you have funds, do what I indicated my investors did above, Buy the coin. After the fork there'll be a price shoot then, sell, make some free money and buy again once prices stabilises.