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BitcoinFire Review: is scam or legit? PAYING, get 0.01BTC signup bonus

Hello, Good day and welcome to BitInvestors Club. How re you feeling today? Well i guess all is alright?

Today we want to review another interesting bitcoin HYIP project known as BitcoinFire ( In this review we'll ascertain if BitcoinFire HYIP is legit or scam, is it paying or not paying and how anyone, including you can make money from this opportunity. (part of Bitcoin Global Capital LTD, registered in the UK under #09930781) is a Bitcoin Mining and Trading company.
We are currently trade on leading Bitcoin markets, like Bitfinex, Bitstamp and CoinBase. We have a worldwide trading team, with professionals all over the world. Our headquarters can be found in the UK. We propose to you, an option to effectively and safely increase your bitcoin with
Our team has set up 6 effective plans to generate daily profit, accrual ranges from 2.04% to 20% per day, for lifetime. —  As seen on their website.

Here's what's more interesting about BitcoinFire, Finally an investment where one can earn from signup/deposit bonus. Earn as much as 0.0002BTC from Your 0.01BTC signup bonus.

Signup Now to claim bonus

According To BitcoinFire; Furthermore there is a 0.01 BTC register bonus generating 2% profit for you, daily 661.2% Profit in 30 days!. This amount is automatically added to your active deposit balance. 

So let's take a look at some special features of BitcoinFire and why you should invest your funds today and grab your bonus plus earn some good BTC in a short time.



More Details And Observations: 


BitcoinFire (part of Bitcoin Global Capital LTD, registered in the UK under #09930781) is a Bitcoin Mining and Trading company.
We are currently trade on leading Bitcoin markets, like Bitfinex, Bitstamp and CoinBase. We have a worldwide trading team, with professionals all over the world. Our headquarters can be found in the UK. 

BitcoinFire claims to be the best option available for individuals who want to mine and trade bitcoin. You can start bitcoin mining within 5 minutes. Bitcoin mining is very complex and technological process. Good news we and our partners already did all the hard work for you.

Simply choose your plan, pay for it and collect freshly baked bitcoins. You have access to the industry’s best technology Our partners use the best equipment manufacturers and world-class data centers to deliver your results. Easy to start mining at any time BitcoinFire is easy to use and has no time contracts. Unlike other renting mining equipment services, we do not set deadlines on our contract with you.

You can work with us as long as you want. We handle all hardware and infrastructure while you focus on mining With BitcoinFire, you do not need to worry about equipment, maintenance, power outages, or even bad weather.

We handle everything for you so you can focus on mining. In the case of data center downtime, we compensate you in bitcoin for any lost time. We offer the best prices for electricity and maintenance We strive to provide you with the best prices for electicity and hardware maintenance. All BitcoinFire clients receive rates equivalent to what the largest mining players pay for electricity and maintenance.

We also offer volume discounts for large contracts. We provide the best hash price We believe that the essence of mining is to increase investment in the Bitcoin Blockchain. We want to give you the best market price for hashing power.

We avoid exchange markets so speculators do not increase the price for your hashing power. You have the same access as the world's largest mining companies By working with us, you rent a small part of the world's largest mining data centres.

Investment Offers/Plans

BitcoinFire HYIP offers 6 Investment Offers, See Them below.

LOW: Paying 2.04% Daily / Forever,  Minimum deposit: 0.001 BTC, Maximum deposit: 0.003 BTC, Instant Payments/Withdrawals, 0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

BEGINNER: Paying 3.16% Daily / Forever, Minimum deposit: 0.004 BTC, Maximum deposit: 0.01 BTC, Instant Payments/Withdrawals, 0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

NORMAL: Paying 4.24% Daily / Forever, Minimum deposit: 0.011 BTC, Maximum deposit: 0.05 BTC, Instant Payments/Withdrawals, 0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

GROWTH: Paying 7.29% Daily / Forever, Minimum deposit: 0.051 BTC, Maximum deposit: 0.1 BTC, Instant Payments/Withdrawals, 0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

BIG: Paying 10.85% Daily / Forever, Minimum deposit: 0.101 BTC, Maximum deposit: 0.5 BTC, Instant Payments/Withdrawals, 0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

Paying 20% Daily / Forever
Minimum deposit: 0.501 BTC
Maximum deposit: Above Minimum to Unlimited BTC
Instant Payments/Withdrawals
0.01 BTC Signup Bonus Deposit.

As you can see, no matter the plan you go for, you'll still get the 0.01BTC signup bonus.

Signup now for free and claim bonus

Affiliate Offer

BitcoinFire offers a 7% referral Deposit affiliate Offer, all you have to do is refer your friends and family and earn as much as 7% of their Investments for your efforts.

More Information

Usually, on this section, we like answering some questions and tell you what we think.

Know This; you must Deposit, even if it's the smallest package in order to Withdraw earnings for those planning to create multiple accounts and earn for free! 
Also, only 3 accounts are allowed per IP, more than this will result in a ban.

So let's go in details, Let's say after Signup you set aside 0.011 BTC to invest, this will earn you 4.2%+ daily plus 2% from your 0.01BTC bonus. 
In the end of 1Week (7days) you must have earned a total of 29.68% of your Investment.

My advice/Verdict is, BitcoinFire is a HYIP scheme. HYIPs are dangerous investment offers so my advice is Withdraw your profit and capital, You'll be left with about 24.68% profit in the week. Because your bonus is still there you can deposit on the least plan and earn till the end of the Program.

So I'll advise, Join BitcoinFire Now And Invest at least 0.011BTC or MORE!

Join Now


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