BTCclock Review: is scam or paying? Earn Every 60Secs With BTCClock


Hello, today I'll be introducing yet another fantastic HYIP project known as BTCClock (

The timing may not be perfect as this HYIP is currently over 3months old but I'm seeing a consistent company that's ready for business - “Don't get me wrong; I'm not recommending BTCClock”. I'm only speaking based on statistics.

In today's Review we'll love to show you how anyone could make money online using BTCClock Investment Opportunity and also to answer your pending questions about BTCClock.

You may be wondering if the scheme is real, paying, not paying e.t.c. we'll answer all those and provide enough info which you will use as the basis of agreeing to invest or not.

So let's go ahead
BTCCLOCK​ is under a registered company Lucky Times Limited.

They claim to be into Cloud Mining and guarantees a daily return on investment of 3.84% daily. Best part is they pay every 60secs in the day, withdrawals​ are instant and they're months old in the business. Other platforms over time crashes before attaining such heights and this is proof that BTCClock is ready for business.

From their site; BTCClock boasts itself of being the “The only simple and evident investment program. Get income from about 15 satoshi every 60 sec. with just 0.005 BTC minimum deposit!”

So let's take a look at some special features of BTCClock and why you should invest your funds today and earn around the clock!


SHOULD I JOIN THE PROGRAM NOW:NO, Program is now a scam

More Details And Our Honest Observations: 

BTCCLOCK is an officially registered company, although that's not a guarantee on the Program. Their Site is simple and SSL secured which means that they're ready for business and there's a to a large extent security of funds and personal details.

Low startup cost of just 0.005BTC and lower withdrawals with little fees, deposit can be withdrawn anytime with a 5% fee, what could any Investor ask for.

Company Overview;

We’re glad to see you on our platform!
If you are here, it means that you are an ambitious person opened to everything new. The modern world accelerates, and old methods do not work any more. That’s why we have developed an innovative investment program meeting the needs of today. Without too much pathos, we simply say that we have done something that no one else could. Now your BTC grow not just every day, but even more often than once an hour! With our platform, you will get income every minute! Does it look fantastic? It is enough to invest just $5 to make sure it’s true. Even with such a tiny deposit, you will be able to see how it works: you will get your first income in 60 seconds already! You probably have the following question “And how can I withdraw my money?” The answer is quite simple: “At any time!” As soon as you decide that you have earned enough, just withdraw funds to your Bitcoin wallet with a tiny fee.

Investment plan;

Genius things are simple, aren’t they? Our unique investment program does not hide any pitfalls: you get income in the amount of 3.84% daily, regardless of the size of your contribution. Immediately after investing you start getting income in equal parts each 60 seconds. Funds may be withdrawn at any time with 5% fee.

Our mission;

We are working on the formation of a new type of society without any artificial restrictions! Bitcoin technology has given freedom to the whole world leaving in the past huge pressure of bureaucratic mechanisms, from which private investors suffered so much. We are no more gear wheels in the mechanism on the enrichment of large capital owners! Now it’s your time to become wealthy and successful!
Our mission is to help our investors get income due to the advantages provided by Bitcoin technology. 

 Affiliate Program;

They have a generous affiliate Program of 15% for the deposit of your referrals.

So let's do a simple mathematics, imagine you invest 1BTC and Earn 3.84% daily for the next 1 month that'll be a total of 115% returns i.e: 1.15BTC returns plus your 1BTC capital, that's 2.15BTC total returns, minus your 5% deposit withdrawal fee and you're left with 0.95BTC deposit plus 1.15BTC profit.

That's 2.1BTC returns after 30days, over 100% returns. What More can any Investor ask for!

So what are you waiting for, get your funds ready and Join the Program now! - Register Here