BTCbonus Scam or not​: clarifications and answers to complaints


In a span of 6days we've answered innumerable questions concerning BTCbonus's ( HYIP scheme we reviewed.

If you've not, then kindly Read The Review Here.

A lot of issues were unclear, as we were informed earlier that upon signup you get a free 0.5 - 1BTC Bonus Which you can withdraw only to find out bonus takes time to show up and when it does it doesn't accrued for our daily earnings and is not withdrawable and several other issues.

Well this was born out of a discussion with the BTCbonus team/admin and I'll also send them this link/thread also so they can monitor it and answer some questions that's beyond us.

However it's important to note that BitInvestors Club has nothing to do with any HYIP or Investment Platform reviewed on this website, if we did we'll let you know alongside each review. We're only trying to help as much as we could to make sure crypto and online Investments make you and not destroy you.

Also we hope on getting at least a 0.1BTC Insurance ready from BTCbonus for our paid club members or Investors.

So let's talk about BTCbonus.

BTCbonus is a bitcoin HYIP project launched a week back, they offer several Investment packages and has been paying.

From their website;
Today we offer three investment plans with a profit of 2-3-4% daily for lifetume, the rate depends on the invested amount. The bigger the deposit, the more daily income. All packages come with an unique welcome-bonus ranging from 0.50 BTC first the first plan, to 1.00 BTC for the top plan.

So Here's Some questions we'll like to answer and clarify users on before they invest, so you'll make your decision to invest on these scheme being fully aware of what to face and not based on promises alone.

  1. What's the minimum investment?
  2. How long does it take for my Investment to show?
  3. How long does it take for my bonus to show?
  4. Can i withdraw bonus? And how long does it take? 
  5. Do i need to refer to earn?
  6. Does bonus accrued for my daily earnings?
  7. What's the minimum withdrawal? E.t.c.
So let's take them gradually and see if we can make sense to everyone who needs answers.

In a conversation with their support we got these answers; 

We love transparency and right here is almost all the answers you need plus you must also give BTCbonus some credits; according to their admin they're working on some pages that'll best explain these details.

So let's answer your questions!

  • What's the minimum investment?
Minimum Investment stands at 0.005 BTC 

  • How long does it take for my Investment to show?
After the network confirmations required for bitcoin transactions. 3 confirmations and may take 30mins to hours depending on the blockchain network.

  • How long does it take for my bonus to show?
It'll take approximately or averagely 2hours after your deposit is Confirmed and showing on your dashboard.

  • Can i withdraw bonus? And how long does it take? 
Yes, but it'll take approximately 50days for this bonus to mature.

  • Do i need to refer to earn?
No, but if you could, why not. Besides you'll earn a percentage for all your referrals.

  • Does bonus accrued for my daily earnings?
No, unfortunately it's just an invisible fund waiting for maturity.

  • What's the minimum withdrawal? 
It's pretty low and stands at 0.0005BTC.

So if you have any unanswered questions concerning BTCbonus kindly use the comments section below. We'll try our best to update this thread and reply to all questions!