Ambis Review: Is Scam Or Paying, Earn Upto 4.8% Daily

Read Review - How Anyone​ Can make money online using Ambis Bitcoin investments.

Hello, Welcome to this review. You are probably thinking what should i do?
I need money fast, is this investment safe?
Hope it's not another scam?

Well today's review will reveal most of those answers to you!
As with all HYIP Programs, it's risky to invest. But it's a risk worth taking because one can earn even 30% in 10days using HYIPs (High Yield Investment Programs).

Today the program we want to review is - AMBIS Flaunts itself as a high-tech solution for bitcoin investments. It assures all investments of minimal risks since it has developed a special robot that makes trading easy and avoids making mistakes.

Kindly go through some special features of this company below. Bitcoin Investment Program Review.




More Details And Our Honest Observations:

AMBIS stands for Auto Manage Bitcoin Investments Solution. Ambis Investment Solution believes in the future of bitcoins, just like many others, but its strategies as seen in its investment plans further suggest that it is particular about the interests of its investors, which it considers as members of the same family.

  • is a home for Bitcoin lovers. Apart from the fact that the site looks good, there are other interesting features about it which will make you return to it if you love to know more about bitcoins.
  • There are links where you can read about bitcoin news on the site. Also, the exchange rates between the bitcoin and the USD, CAD and EUR are always updated there. A video about gives one a brief summary of what the company professes. It’s just a one-minute video that wouldn’t take your time. Calculating profits is not difficult on the site either.
  • You can calculate the profit you will have based on a specified duration, as well as what you will benefit if you compound. The maths becomes easy to solve and there can be no mistake or misunderstanding about what to expect before you start. In other words, is transparent about its investment program.
  • At the moment, the site can only be read in English Language but from what we can see, it appears that other languages will be added soon. A menu where the links to the other languages will be added has already been prepared for this. 
  • Another section of the website that should interest you a lot is the live payments page. The page shows the latest amount paid, the wallet address that received it and the username of the wallet holder. The time and date of the transaction also appear alongside these details.
  • The Sign-up and sign-in links are at the left-hand side of the website pages, just below the digital clock. There are only 7 fields to fill on the registration form so being an active member should take you only a few minutes. To log in, you would have to enter your username and your password. 
  • The Site is SSL protected which shows the company is ready for business.
  • Site pays instantly and ensures maximum profits as users can earn from 3.6% to upto 4.8% on a daily basis.
  • Minimum investment starts at just 0.01BTC and also an investor (You) can withdraw hes/her capital 24Hours after investing it with a 7% fee

Imagine You Invest 0.2BTC for just 14Days; See This: You'll earn a total of 3.6% x 14days = 50.4% in 14Days.

You'll get a total profit of 0.1008BTC in 14Days so minus 7% capital withdraw fee as you may intend quitting the platform as fast as possible.

That's 43.4% (0.0868BTC profit) Or 0.014BTC leaving your capital at 0.186BTC + 0.1008 Profit; that's 0.2868BTC returns in just 2weeks.

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